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Toward an Experimental Theological Aesthetics (March 23-25, 2023)

We are hosting a 2-5 day world-class symposium on Neurophenomenology & Sacred Architecture at The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning. A selected number of recognized individuals from various disciplines (neuroscience, architecture, theology, psychology, music, visual arts, machine learning, medicine, etc.) whose works and thoughts have been significantly advancing this new area of scholarship and research will be participating in the Symposium. Such broad interdisciplinarity will allow us to view and interrogate the intersection of human spirituality and the built environment from first, second, and third-person perspectives. The Symposium is organized around lectures and panels that include ample time for discussions and exchanges. The event will be presential, free, and open to the public. Some parts will be broadcast over the internet. 

The full information about the symposium, including how to register, is available on this website:

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