We will host at 1.5 day symposium on Neurophenomenology of Theological Aesthetics at The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning. We’ll invite a total of 15-25 architects, artists, clinical MDs, scientists, psychologists, and aesthetic theologians with active and recognized expertise and work taking place at the intersection of neuroscience, the arts/architecture, and spirituality. These experts will be drawn from the DC Metro region  as well as the International Arts+Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University Brain Institute ( ), ANFA (Academy of Neuroscience For Architecture — ) members, and ACSF (Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum — ). The Symposium will include a renowned keynote speaker as well as a series of workshop discussions (i.e., moderated conversations focused on diverse aspects of the neurophenomenology of Theological Aesthetics). The keynote lecture will be part of the School of Architecture and Planning Spring 2022 lecture series that are widely advertised and open to the public.